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Patty specializes in teaching piano to beginner and intermediate students and has over 15 years of experience teaching kids and adults. As a mom, Patty loves teaching children and knows the importance of giving them a good musical foundation through music that is fun and enjoyable. Patty believes that the best way to nurture their tender musical gifts is through patience, encouragement, and gentle correction.


And as an adult student of advanced piano performance and beginning ballet and ballroom dance, Patty also understands that adult students need a similar environment, but also need an extra dose of grace, for their fingers aren't quite as easily trainable.


Patty trained at the following music schools:


  • Music and Dance Academy, Tucson, Arizona (6 months)

  • Levine School of Music, Washington, D.C. (7 years)

  • Perfect Pitch Music Studios, Springfield, Virginia, (4 years)


In addition, Patty works for MusicStart out of New York City and teaches beginning keyboard to kids in a before and afterschool program in the Fairfax County Public Schools as well as in Maryland and Washington, D.C.


She holds a B.A. from the University of Minnesota and an M.A. from Biola University.

Lessons are taught on a C3 Yamaha Concert Grand in a lovely private studio in Burke, Virginia.  




  • 60 Minute Lesson: $60.00

  • 45 Minute Lesson: $45.00

  • 30 Minute Lesson: $30.00


There are no contracts or pre-pays. You pay only for the lessons you take, and you pay for each lesson as you take it. 


If you are interested, please email Patty at or call at (703) 626-5747.

Piano Lessons, Fairfax County

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